Case Study

Hubble Connected

Project summary

The target goal was to increase brand awareness and grow online direct-to-consumer sales. As a new brand launch, we were also tasked with consulting in numerous departments such as assisting in creating brand tag-lines/slogans and creating corporate decks.

Main Tasks


  • Redesign their website entirely
  • Grow their social media channels (with a focus on Instagram)
  • Setup and manage all of their digital advertising
  • Assist in the creation of packaging & product naming
  • Assist in the brand vision
  • Grow website traffic organically via SEO
  • Manage their email marketing with a mailing list of 4+ million subscribers

Proven Results

After just 12 months with Olympus Marketing, their eCommerce sales had grown by over 1,000%. We also managed to get them to a stable 5.4X return rate with all of their digital ads, through Facebook, Instagram & Google.


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in DTC eCommerce Sales


Increase in Google Ranked Keywords

Average Ad ROAS



  • Starting amount of followers: 4,589
  • Follower count 18 months later: 236,792
  • We achieved this increase by using 200+ influencers, celebrity giveaways, strategic niche-related partnerships & powerful digital advertising.


Follower Increase

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