Case Study


Project summary

MaskFone was a new startup that had no existing website, advertising, packaging or any brand presence. We were tasked with building out the brand entirely.

Main Tasks


  • Build the entire website from Scratch
  • Create & grow social channels
  • Setup & run advertisements on Facebook & Instagram
  • Assist in the design of packaging & specification sheets

Proven Results

In just 4 weeks, we designed and coded the entire MaskFone website. We then proceeded to launch their Instagram account, which went from 0 to 40,000+ followers in year 1. Average return on ad spend for the Facebook Ad account was at 4.8X despite it being a very competitive niche.

New Keywords Ranked in Google in Year 1


YOY Sales Increase


YOY Website Traffic Increase

Average Ad ROAS



  • Starting amount of followers: 0
  • Follower count 18 months later: 47,700

New Followers in Year 1

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